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School Satsang


On the auspicious occasion of Holy Makar Sankranti, the Vedic International School, Sambalpur, hosted a distinctive spiritual program centered on human values known as 'School Satsang.' This event was organized with great reverence and featured the participation of Mr. Nitin Dawar, a spiritual musician associated with the Art of Living, Bengaluru. During the ceremony, Mr. Dawar underscored the contemporary relevance of Satsang, emphasizing its potential to positively impact the mind and body, steering individuals away from negative thoughts. Shri Nitinji, alongside the school's students, added a musical touch to the Satsang with their performances. In his address, Mr. Anand Agarwal, the Chairman of the institute, spoke eloquently about the transformative power of Satsang, highlighting its capacity to facilitate personal and societal change. He emphasized its role in helping individuals break free from family conflicts and stressed its importance in the lives of students. The School Satsang drew a significant turnout, with more than 5000 students and parents participating in the event, which extended for approximately 4 hours.