Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

Objectives of the Curriculum

The Curriculum of Vedic International School aims to:

  • 1.  achieve cognitive, affective, and psychomotor excellence
  • 2.  enhance awareness and explore innate potential
  • 3.  promote Life Skill goals, decision making, and thirst for learning
  • 4.  inculcate values and foster cultural learning and international understanding in an interdependent society
    • Every child’s abilities, talents, and strengths are harnessed
    • Intellectually by
    • Facilitating stimulations
    • Emotionally by
    • Supporting personal development &
    • Providing a conducive atmosphere
    • Socially by
    • Promoting acceptance, reception, and respect for others along with empathy.
    • Enhancing communication and cooperation skills
    • Inculcating a sense of responsibility
    • Physically by
    • Recognizing the interdependence of body, mind, and soul
    • Teaching respect, care, and concern for the body
    • Spiritually by
    • Inspiring love for knowledge and culture.
    • Encouraging strength of character as well as compassion.
    • Developing an aesthetic sense.

Scholastic Areas

The curriculum envisages individualized learning acumen and seeks to explore the potential of students in acquiring substantial knowledge and skills through academic rigors.

  • 1. Teachers Training Programmes.
    • Digital literacy for work efficiency
    • Workshops for personal development
  • 2. Examinations
    • Three Periodic tests of 40 marks (2o marks Objective and 20 marks Subjective)
    • A Half Yearly Examination, which is a full-length exam of 80 marks, conducted at the end of the First Term.
    • A Final Examination, of 80 marks, is conducted at the end of the Academic session. The school has an assessment structure that is specially moduled for effectiveness. Specific classes for remediation are conducted according to the student’s requirements :
    • Mentor for small groups of students
    • Specially designed extended class time
    • Guided classes to help students with homework
    • Enhancement classes to take care of special learning needs
    • A curriculum where animations transform any monotonous content.
    • Teachers instantly assess and evaluate learning,
    • Multi-sensory learning in classrooms,
    • Tools and content for interactive self-paced learning
  • 3. Pupil’s Progress
    • The result is reported four times a year, namely Periodic Test 1,(A, B), Half Yearly,/PT-2(X) Periodic Test 2/(A, B),/PT-3 and Final Examination.
    • The Remedial Programme runs throughout the year where academic assistance is given to pupils who need it.
  • 4. Rewards, awards, and recognition of achievements.
  • 5. Students Skill Exposure Programmes.
    • Interschool competitions
    • Olympiads
    • NTSE
    • Educational Trips

We aim to evolve students into judicious young adults with a sense of real self-esteem having moral values and principles. Our team of educators is committed to preparing global citizens equipped with the life skills needed to ‘take by the horns’ the ever-changing challenges and walk headlong through the vagaries of life. The pupils are provided a platform that stands on pillars like educational leadership, scholastic achievement, a wide approach based on a traditional value system, global trends, and eco-friendly infrastructure.

Education for us is introspection and interrogation leading to innovations in every field of achievement. Our system aims at the total development of your child, transcending beyond, what can be achieved academically.

A committed and supportive management along with dedicated teachers creates a child-centric ambiance. Our holistic approach unleashes a wide spectrum of creative skills ranging from writing, editing and even designing creative projects. An all-religion tower in the school compound exhibits our moral values and principles. The intensive use of a variety of thinking activities, strategies, and group dynamics transforms the classrooms into active hubs of learning.


At Vedic, we ensure our students are less burdened by the weight of the books and concentrate more on the learning; hence we abide by the practical methods of teaching that vary from one level to another. Students enjoy this change in the teaching methodology, which makes them more and more active at each level.

At the primary level, different games and attractive infrastructure seizes the students’ attention. For higher education, the classes have been designed as per the modern technology-driven environment

Vedic uses efficient and interactive methods of learning, continuous and comprehensive evaluation systems, and NCERT for the senior classes.

It has been a commitment of Vedic to provide education of the best quality with world-class infrastructure and multiple opportunities for the student to grow in a congenial environment most suitable for all-round development.

Vedic provides the best Hostel facilities for students staying away from home and makes them feel at home. The hostel is equipped with all essential facilities, to make the stay for students comfortable and homely. A well-maintained, hygienic and well-furnished mess with expert cooks serving children salubrious and sumptuous food is another attraction of the hostel. The children follow a prescribed schedule, which is strictly adhered to bring about discipline in their routine and create a healthy routine for a lifetime. It starts with jogging in the morning and ends with evening sports and special subject coaching.

Their weekends are scheduled with unlimited fun & frolic with indoor & outdoor visits. This results in a homely atmosphere across the hostel and a secure and reassuring environment for children. At last, I would say to the parents that if you dream for your kids, a high-class education with “state of the art” technology, we assure you we make it possible. For those children who prefer less physical pursuits, we provide many opportunities to explore different styles of music, dance, art, and craftwork.