House System

House System

House System

The House System, which helps to break down a large school into more intimate and manageable units, is a defining feature and cornerstone of the School's success. It forms the heart of quality care. The sense of community within each of the four houses encourages a feeling of identity and belongingness.

House Masters, working closely with the Head of House, monitor pupils' day-to-day progress throughout their school careers. They provide encouragement, security, and support and work with the pupils and subject staff to help them fulfill their targets.

The House System also provides opportunities for students to take responsibility as leaders of the House Councils. House leaders & senior students help.

House Master in supervising the School on house duty days throughout the year and Inter- House competitions conducted to inculcate the spirit of competitiveness.

The List of houses is given as follows.

  • Red House - Agni
  • Blue House - Indra
  • Green House - Varuna
  • Yellow House - Surya


The school dubs are ideal for nurturing talents for students from Classes I - XII. Every child is provided with an option to choose a club for himself/herself out of numerous choices. The clubs are not only ideal to channelize talent for better outcomes but also serve as a platform to further group dynamics heterogeneous amalgamation of ideas. The clubs add to the variety of teaching-learning besides providing ample opportunity to be guided and directed by school teachers. Each club receives numerous platforms to showcase the yearly learning as a direct product of scientific planning and execution of the same. Each Club is facilitated by a teacher- in-charge. Student Leaders including a President, a Vice President, and a Secretary to further proper nurturing of talents.

1 Eco(Earth)
2 IT(Technology)
3 Tinker(Science)
4 Axiomatic(Maths)
5 Ignited mind(Literary)
6 Sports
7 History and Heritage
8 V tv (Media)
9 Art (Craft and drawings)
10 Performing Art(Dance & Music)
11 Quest (quiz)