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House System at Vedic International School

House System at Vedic International School

The four houses at Vedic are





Vedic associates the houses of school with elements of nature. It is a fine symbolism that means every element is equally responsible and powerful to sustain life as is the case with each house. Every house is filled with talented people and yet they are not secluded but included with the rest of the houses.

The houses see tough competition but remain one as entity of Vedic.

Point system is devised such that every individual becomes accountable of what he or she does at school. They are awarded points for their good deeds and at the same time points are deducted when disciplinary action is called for. It develops a strict sense of ownership among children as they have to ensure that their peers are well disciplined too.

House Masters at Vedic are not judges or leaders. They are guides and they help the members of student council in the matters of house and school competitions. Leadership of every house vests with their captains and prefects. They ensure that every individual gets an opportunity. These responsibilities develop leadership skills among the children. As a strict electoral process is used for electing leaders, children also become aware of scenario in real world and its repercussions so they make better choices when they become adults.

We maintain a detailed description of points scored and they are transparent to have a fair and square decision at the end. It also helps us in recognising the contribution of each child along with the attribute of accountability in them.