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School Policies and Culture

Vedic adopts a School Culture based on the shared vision and values of the School as determined by the key stakeholders such as

  • Conducting Visioning workshops
  • Sharing Vision and Values to be reinforced using various means and all possible opportunities including display in bulletin boards, brochures, websites, visiting cards, and so on
  • Reviewing the vision and values every 3 years through strategic workshops to ensure it is relevant to the time
  • Consciously building the School Culture through training and involvement of all stakeholders
  • Allowing the Staff and Students to understand the culture of the School through induction and orientation programs
  • Building a learning organization for people to expand their capacity to create the results

The "No Home Work Policy" at Vedic:

The school diary is used as a record ofa student's homework and as an important means of communication between the school and parents/Guardians.

Homework Expectations:

We make sure the school hours are best used by giving every student extra supervision in the development of academic skills in every subject by focusing on learning practices, illustrations and worksheets. The only task that a pre-primary, primary and middle school student is given outside school hours is to read, as reading activity is best enjoyed when done individually. We have also introduced the concept of "No Bags" for pre-primary and primary classes, as most of the teachings are done through naturalistic explorations of the environment, illustrated themes and games.

Parental/Guardian participation:

Vedic International School conducts Parent- Teacher meetings on a regular basis and considers it is as important to understand and look after the child in a better way. These meetings create a trust between the parent and the teacher and in turn pave the way to understand the need and requirement for child's development which turns out to be beneficial for the students. Parents are kept regularly informed of school events and the progress of their children.