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Career at Vedic

Why Vedic?

Vedic as a group; family; workplace; school; organization and team focus on being a value centered educational enterprise. The very core of the work philosophy here is that we work to add value to the lives of people who are associated with us.

In the past decade, Vedic has grown by leaps and bounds. The credit for which, goes to every individual who has worked and is working with the institution. From being a service provider, we have transformed into a brand that is much sorted of.

Vedic’s work culture…

Vedic’s work culture is evolving and assimilative. It counts every effort and value vested in its cause by people. That’s the reason why Vedic has its presence felt in every realm within the society it serves. Every employee who works at Vedic has their identity growing with it.

The Best Place to Work…

Ideate, Improvise, Evolve, Appreciate and Educate. These are the core principles making Vedic, The Best Place to Work

Ideate: Creative intuition has always brought inventions into this world and so has the ideas that people bring to their work place. This is the first principle that enables every Vedican to contribute in the growth of the family.

Improvise: Ideas need to see the light of reality. It is what we do with the ideas that we have that counts. Every idea is taken up by students, teachers and administrative members and worked in the direction of success through improvisation. It is the sole reason why Vedic has been able to venture into study tours and live projects in such an extensive manner.

Evolve: With every idea that has worked and every other idea that has panned out without results, we have evolved consistently while assimilating whatever was available to be learnt. This principle has brought us closer to goals of empowering every student and teacher alike.

Educate: All that is earned and learned has to transcend. Being an Educational Institution, we have always had faith that transcendence of knowledge, faith and values is possible only through education. Hence, Educate is the final principle that we hold on to.

These principles guide us through every step we take towards being the best place to work. So why wait…

Training and Workshops

Training and Workshops are essential to keep brain from draining its energy due to routine work habits of people. It is also required to equip children and teachers with knowledge required to further their study. Hence Vedic organises training programs for children and teachers alike.

Children learn tricks and trades of Speed Reading, Vedic Maths, Story Writing, art of making Presentations, speaking in a seminar, body language and so on.

Teachers on the other hand equip themselves with new teaching techniques, ideas, methods and teaching practices.