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Our Academic Facilitators

Teachers from diverse cultural heritages and educational backgrounds are hired to teach at Vedic. Special care is taken while screening to ensure the same. Apart from education, their skills, teaching techniques and passion for work is considered as the key determining factor. Recruitments are done pan India so that the goal of recruiting world class faculty is fulfilled.

Experience is appreciated greatly and so is genuine talent. Strict measures are taken to ensure that every employee and faculty grows along with the organisation. It is must because retention of skilled people is the key when it comes to education domain.

They facilitate to:

1.  Design, plan and execute teaching pedagogies that allow Students to integrate knowledge.

2.  Attend regular trainings to improve the overall learning environment for Students by connecting knowledge to other subject areas and everyday life.

3.  Use the concept of Multiple Intelligence and learning strategies to engage Students in active learning

4.  Understands factors and situations that are likely to promote motivation and help Students to foster their lifelong growth and learning.

5.  Implement learning resource material and activities to ensure all round learning and development among Students.

6.  Use varied and appropriate formal and informal assessment tools and techniques for judging the progress of a child such as observation, portfolios of Student work, worksheets, projects, peer assessment, and standardized test.

7.  Engage Students in individual and group learning activities that help them to develop the motivation to achieve, by relating activities to students' personal interests, allowing Students to have choices in their learning.

8.  Effectively utilize the out of school areas as an extension of the classroom-learning environment.