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Aspirants can contact Vedic via phone, email, website and visit to campus. Details of all have been provided below.

You are required to fill in a simple form that seeks your contact information and primary details of the student. A tour of the campus is done to ensure that parents can make an informed choice.

Post enquiry, once the parent and child make up their mind to take admission, parent is asked to fill in Application Form which includes previous school details and academic profile of the student (When seeking admission in any other class but Nursery), local guardian details, medical history of the student and birth certificate.

a)      Qualifying marks in Entrance Examination

b)      Submission of necessary documents and photographs

c)      Payment of admission fees 

Procedure of Admission as Day Scholar

The admission process changes here for Day Scholars. They need to purchase books, uniforms and bags from Vendors specified. School ensures that the books and bags are made available at School premises on the day of result declaration. However, one may directly contact the vendor afterwards in case exchange or new one.

Procedure of Admission as Boarder and Weekly Boarder

Weekly Boarders and Boarders have to purchase bed sheets and mattresses along with pillow covers. They are assigned with a Laundry Mark/Number so the child does not lose his/her belongings.

A hostel manual is provided which included all details necessary for parent. The literature is revised as and when required based on parent and teacher feedback.